Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easter 2009

Yes. Indeed. Easter was in April and it is now May. What can I say ... better late than never? We spent the weekend in Virginia. The original plan was to visit family and friends, play poker, etc. Well, Vivian got sick on the way down and so Grandma got stuck with us all weekend. But, this didn't prevent Vivian from hunting down those colorful (and very sticky) Easter eggs that Grandma and Mommy decorated. Can you spot the odd item out in her Easter basket (and, no, I don't mean her head in the last photo).

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Lou Bricant said...

Do you mean the leprechaun with the macrame eyeball singing Johnny Cash using a KazooKelelee, all whilst jumping up and down on a pogo stick in a sandbox filled with the hopes and dreams of lost souls? Or did you mean the soccer ball? I think I will go with wonderfully disturbing Option A.