Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tales from the Nursery

On Sundays, when we go to church, Vivian goes to the nursery, which is run by E and K, who are also our babysitters. This is the report I got from K today as I picked Vivian up:

K: Vivian and G (a girl about the same age as Vivian) played together very nicely today.
I smiled.
K: They took turns playing with the baby.
I smiled some more. How sweet of them to share.
K: They took turns suffocating it.

Oy. Clearly, at 18 months, their mothering skills aren't quite up to par yet.

I guess I better supervise Vivian closely so she doesn't practice her still-developing mothering skills in Germany next month with her new cousin who was born today!

Congratulations, Sebastian & Marion on the birth of your little boy! I can't wait to meet him in a few weeks!


Sherry said...

Reminds me of the time my sister was thrilled that her older son (who was about five at the time) came looking for his doll "Jason". How sweet of him! She looked out a little while later and he had tied it behind his bike and was riding back and forth with it like that! Congratulations on becoming an aunt again!!!

mcoehmke said...

You have to laugh. That is funny.

pagepfeiffstudio said...

share some photos when you get them - congratulations and hugs to the new parents...

Ali said...

Totally off topic, but google "18 month sleep regression" and read Ask Moxie's advice to help with the sleep stuff. It's the only thing keeping me from selling the kid to the gypsies.