Monday, May 11, 2009

Kicked Out

Vivian and I have (had?) this beautiful bed-time routine going. We'd get ready (jammies, teeth, etc., etc.) and then she'd sit on my lap in the recliner in her room, we'd wrap the quilt that's on the recliner around us and read a couple of books. Over and over and over. From time to time I'd ask her where Mr. Hase (cuddly animal) is or if she wanted to see him. Mostly she'd shake her head or say no. But eventually, she'd giggle, jump off my lap and go over to her crib where Mr. Hase was waiting. We'd tickle him, I'd put her in, kiss her a bazillion or so times while tucking her in and then leave. Sometimes it would take a second attempt (get her out of the crib again, curl up on the chair some more, and then go back to Mr. Hase again), but it was nice, cozy, and I really enjoyed that quiet moment before she went to bed.

This morning, while I was doing stuff in Vivian's room, she wanted up on the chair. So I put her there, wrapped her in the quilt, handed her the books, which she happily read for a while. Tried to take a photo, too, but as soon as she sees the camera these days she plonks herself on my lap to see the pictures. Even if I haven't taken any yet (which explains today's picture-less post).

Anyway, this evening? She refused to let me sit in the chair with her. Insisted on sitting there by herself (screamed and cried if I tried to join her), reading her books. I finally laid down on the floor to see what would happen. After about 15 minutes, she finally relented and sat on my lap on the floor and we read a book together. I hope this was just a fluke. I hope I get to sit in that chair again tomorrow. I don't think I'm quite ready to give that up yet!

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Sherry said...

Hope she lets you back soon. : ( It's a bummer when they move on before we're ready to let them.