Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More. Please!

Vivian's language is developing. I think she can say more than I give her credit for, because she chatters a lot, too. Sometimes it takes a few repeats before I realize that something is not idle chatter, but actually resembles words. And makes sense at the time, too.

My favorite is still her (two) signs that she uses. "More" means food. As in, even if she still has her mouth full, food in her hands AND on the tray in front of her, she wants more. Then, when more is not forthcoming within a split-second, Vivian will do this other sign I didn't recognize for a while. I finally looked it up. It's "please". She is so polite. They must've taught her that one at daycare. Thank goodness for daycare!

Other new words (not all of which are consistent yet):
  • "Woo woo" every time we see or hear a dog. Sometimes, a dog isn't even required. Lately, it's sometimes even "woof woof"
  • "Choo choo" for the train
  • "Pease" for please (once or twice)
  • "Ah do" for "all done"
  • "NEY" [emphasis hers] for "nein" or "my". They seem to be interchangeable
  • "Da" for "danke"
  • "Buh-bye"
  • "Hey"


Sherry said...

Wow! Leaps and bounds! I can't wait to see her (and you, of course)!

Sherry said...

More. Please!!