Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We are in the process of switching from milk in a bottle to milk in a sippy cup during the day (we are still keeping the early morning and bed-time bottles).

While Vivian happily drinks milk out of a bottle, and water out of a sippy cup, and even water out of a bottle; milk out of a sippy cup is flat out refused every.single.time.

I read the other day that some children refuse to let parents substitute one similar things for another. Apparently, those children are insulted that the parents would think they can pull the wool over their eyes. So, yesterday and today, we took the lid off the sippy cup and Vivian drank her milk right out of the cup. Almost smacked her lips with enjoyment. It is messy, and I still don't know what we'll do when we are not at home with a towel to catch the excess milk streaming down her chin, but I guess it's a start...

This girl is just too smart for her own good (or ours, for that matter).

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