Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Love

We have a term in our house. "Baby love". It's those snuggly, cuddly hugs from Vivian. She's probably tired of constantly being asked for some baby love from one parent or the other. Or maybe not?

This morning, we were standing in line to pay for a new CD for Vivian. She turned to the lady behind us, looked up at her, and then hugged her legs. Big smile from the lady. Vivian came back to me. Turned around, looked at the lady again, and went over and hugged her again. I joked "She clearly doesn't get enough love at home." The lady responded "Oh, no, I think she gets so much she has to share". What a lovely thing to say.

We paid, and, as we left, Vivian waved and said "bye-bye". (She actually said "bye-bye" all the way to the car :)

I think Vivian totally made that lady's day with her baby love. And mine, too.

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Sherry said...

This is the sweetest! Baby hugs are the best.