Friday, May 28, 2010

Playdate At The Southside Works Fountain

Last Friday, our "Friday Morning Playdate Group" decided to take the kids to the fountain at Southside Works to play.

We parked at the river, and while we were waiting for the others, Vivian got to chase ducks and geese (luckily, they all ran away from her, and did not turn around to bite her ;) and saw a fish up close when one of the fishermen caught one and showed it to her. Me? I was just happy he was doing catch and release and I didn't have to explain anything else about the fish's fate :)

When we got to the fountain, it took Vivian all of 30 seconds to get stripped down to her diaper and be soaking wet. She was squealing with delight at being wet and sprayed upon by the fountains. Even getting water in her face unexpectedly (they turn on and off at random intervals) didn't stop her from enjoying the water.

The half-dressed, half-wet crew:

Emma wasn't going to be seen hanging out with that ragtag group, so I got a shot of her separately :)

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