Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

For the Memorial Day weekend, we headed to Virginia for a fun-packed time with family and friends. We left Friday after lunch, and Vivian only napped briefly in the car. Her ability to amuse herself in the car on long drives continues to amaze me. Although, after the 20th rendition of "Row, row, row your boat", I was ready for her to introduce some variety in her self-entertainment ...

Saturday morning, Susan took Vivian, Casey and I to the Kidwell Farm in Frying Pan Park. Vivian had fun on the tractor ride, and looking at and petting a variety of animals.

We spent the afternoon hanging out on the deck with Grandma, Susan and Casey and a whole bunch of toys that needed to be taken care of.

And we can't forget the rousing rendition of Five Little Monkeys that Grandma got to enjoy!

Saturday evening, Will cooked us a gourmet dinner and John came over to enjoy it with us. Yum. I was too lazy to take photos though.

Sunday started with brunch with the Barbers and John. The highlight for the kids were the balloons they got. The adults enjoyed the company and the great food.

Next, we headed to Linden to Mike & Betsy's pool opening party. Vivian was next to impossible to get out of the pool. It took a whole bunch of adults to keep up with her energy. Jumping in from the side was pretty much the best thing ever, but all other water games, and even just watching everyone else swim and dive elicited equal squeals of delight from our little water-addict.

Mike and Betsy provided a yummy BBQ before we set off on our way home. We were totally convinced that Vivian would fall asleep the minute we hit the road, but of course, she had to prove us wrong (yet again). She stayed awake in the car until 10.30 at which point we were only about 45 minutes from home. We did manage to get her into bed without waking her up and she slept in past 9am the next morning, so that made up for it.

It was great visiting with everyone!

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Sherry said...

We enjoyed seeing you, too! We'll have to try to do it more frequently!