Thursday, October 15, 2009

Five Word Sentence

Vivian is really expanding her vocabulary and is starting to string whole sentences together. Her longest one is five words: "I do not want to." Of course, when she says it, it really is only three words "I don' wanna". And did she have to pick that particular ones? Although, to give her credit, it is a rather versatile sentence that she has been using A LOT! :)

Other words (and gestures) Vivian uses a lot:
  • Malen (to draw)
  • Pap (patting the pillow to entice us to lie down when she goes to bed)
  • Binky (this uses to be Nucki (German for pacifier) but I guess they say binky at daycare)
  • Mah pease, Daddy (holding up her empty dish)
  • Baden (to take a bath)
  • Potty
  • Mommy potty (usually with cheering and clapping) when I go to the bathroom
  • Yay Daddy/Mommy/Vivian
  • Mommy's and Daddy's for things she's not allowed to touch
  • Thanks when we give her something (thanks to daycare that she's learning that)
  • Fug (Flugzeug = plane) while excitedly pointing to the sky
  • Da-cah (daycare) or Yay da-cah
  • Haep pease (help please)
  • Naht Daddy = Nacht (Good night) Daddy
  • Bye Mommy/Daddy
Vivian also parrots a lot. Will and I were just talking and Will said "Sit her down". Vivian promptly said "Baby sit down". She's (sort of) said quite a few complicated words that way: Muelltonne (trash can) comes to mind.

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