Sunday, October 18, 2009

Captive Audience

I think the reason I keep taking pictures of Vivian in her car seat is because she can't turn/run away ;) Here she is with her bindi that a lady gave her after the Diwali celebration at church today.

And here she is in the midst of her favorite game to play in the car (and in her tent, and lying on the floor): "Pretend Vivian is asleep." And then I shake and tickle her and shout "Noooooo, Vivian can't go to sleeeeeeep!". If only it would work to let her pretend and then she would actually fall asleep. Her nap in the last couple of days has been close to non-existent; and I'm just very much hoping she is not trying to drop it altogether, because she really still needs it.

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