Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toddler Labor

We figured it was time Vivian started earning her keep. You can never start them too young, right? So, in addition to her already existing responsibilities of being super-cute, she now helps switch lights in rooms on and off and feeds the cats.

The feeding of the cats is definitely my favorite. I say "Let's go and feed the kittens" and she toddles over to where the food dishes are and impatiently waits until I have scooped food out of the big container. Then she grasps the plastic cup with the food in both hands, and tips it over (with me trying desperately to guide her hands so that the food ends up in the dish and not on the floor). Next, she opens the door to the bathroom, and I pick her up so she can turn on the light. She then turns on the water, I fill the water dish, she turns off the water (with lots of help), turns off the light, and we put the water down. Then, Vivian often starts picking stray cat food off the floor and tossing it in the food dish. As long as it doesn't end up in her mouth, I'm ok with that, too :)

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Sherry said...

Starting them young is a great idea! : ) I feel like it's been ages since we've seen you all, and it's only been a month. LOVED the Christmas photos.