Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have no photos today, but I wanted to start writing down some of the things that Vivian does (or doesn't do, as the case may be) even if I don't have the photos to prove anything.

I enjoyed on Sunday how she is interacting with people of all ages. At the playground, she started playing with a little girl (a little older than her) ... they chased each other around, followed each other onto the play equipment, etc.

Later that evening, Toni came over for dinner and as we were sitting outside, soaking in the warm sunshine, chatting, Vivian pulled up a chair and sat down and joined the conversation. It helped that she found a very patient and responsive listener in Toni. But it still was too cute.

Earlier that day (also sitting outside), I had my feet up on one chair while reclining in the other, and Vivian decided she needed to do the same. She actually sat there with me a for a few minutes, just relaxing.

And lastly, the stories. It is very fun to have her come home from a friend's house (like today) or spot me when I get home from work, and just run up to me and blurt out all these experiences and stories and things she needs to get off her chest right now! I can't wait for the day where I can actually understand most of what she is telling me!

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