Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree

We decided to buy a live tree this year; it will planted in the backyard after the holidays. We had several goals in mind when we chose its location for the holidays:
  • Have a decorated tree
  • Separate cats, kids and the tree
  • Keep the tree alive
The tree is outside on the deck. We won't be home for the actual holidays so it's ok not to have a tree inside.

Vivian and I went out yesterday to decorate it with lights and crystals. We think it might need something else (stars? tinsel? a photo taken in the dark when you can see the lights are on?). And we definitely need to come up with a way to disguise that huge black container. But it's a start.

And unless Vivian goes through a sudden major growth spurt we have achieved another goal of ours ... have a tree that is bigger than Vivian.

Happy Holidays!

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