Thursday, November 5, 2009


A couple of my favorite moments with Vivian from this week:
  • We were driving home from daycare. Vivian is on her cellphone, having a one-sided conversation, complete with pauses to let the other person speak, and the occasional giggle. Her talking is utter non-sense. Then she says "Bye-bye" and closes the phone. I asked her who she was talking to, and she said "Daddy".

  • Apparently, our little Miss Independence has been watching the boys at daycare a little bit too closely. Several times now, she's pulled down her pants, taken off her diaper, stood in front of the toilet, and held her non-existent boy-parts to pee. When I try to put her on the toilet ("just like Mommy") she holds up her hand and says "[A]way, Mommy!"

  • When I picked her up from daycare on Wednesday, a bunch of the other kids spotted me and started shouting "Vivian Mommy". Vivian was oblivious to it; busy monkeying around with a plastic hard-hat. When Mr. Dan finally pointed me out to her, she turned around, shrieked gleefully and flew full force into my arms.

  • Our "house concerts". Vivian has two xylophone-type toys. We put them on the floor opposite each other and start playing. There are very frequent switches of who plays which xylophone mandated by Vivian, and she also "sings" and claps in addition to playing. I have a feeling it is quite the torture for an innocent listening bystander, but I find it fun!

  • Vivian dragging me in the middle of the "dance floor" (aka the playroom) when the radio is on and then copying my (rather bad) dance moves. We really need to find a toddler gymnastics class or something for this winter!

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