Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lightning Speed

Vivian's hit warp speed at the moment. This is not just the speed at which she's crawling, but also the speed with which she is learning more ways of propelling herself forward, upward, and into all those things that should have been child-proofed weeks ago.

Last Thursday, Daycare reported that she had pulled up once. I had seen her do this once or twice before. By Sunday, we didn't even blink an eye when she pulled up on things. She's almost cruising. By the middle of this week, she was crawling up the stairs. She hasn't figured out yet how to get down the stairs (still thinks head first is the way to go, but so far, we've been able to prevent her from seeing that plan through). She's standing pretty securely, sometimes holding on with just one hand. And walks quite well when she has two adult hands to hang on to. It won't be long and she won't need those anymore either. And then we'll be in REAL trouble! :)

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